Ask NBC News – classroom resources for presidential election

From an NBC News press release:

Washington, DC (January 29, 2008) – As the year’s presidential election campaign shapes up to be one of the most unpredictable and dynamic political events in history, NBC News is making available its top political reporters and experts to answer pressing questions about Decision ’08 from the nation’s students and teachers.

“Ask NBC News” is an exclusive feature of NBC News Archives on Demand, a rich compilation of thousands of primary source video resources created specifically for classroom instruction to engage students in active learning and transform classroom instruction into 21st century “e-learning” centers. The Archives on Demand are available on HotChalk, a free web-based learning management system for k-12 teachers and their students.

Students and teachers can submit questions about Decision ’08 via email to or via text message to ASKNBC (275622) by texting “ASK” and a question (standard text messaging rates apply; text message participants must be 18 years or older).

Each Thursday, the NBC News political team, including “Meet the Press” host and Washington D.C. Bureau Chief Tim Russert, Washington D.C. Correspondent Pete Williams, and Chief White House Correspondent David Gregory, will answer one question and make the video available at

“We live and breathe Decision ’08 every day, so we are elated that we have this opportunity to share our knowledge and insights with the next generation of voters and the educators who prepare them to be politically aware, active participants in our democracy,” said Tim Russert.

In addition to “Ask NBC News,” the NBC News Archives on Demand features an extensive Decision ’08 curricular resource offering the latest, up-to-the-minute presidential election news. Features include full profiles on the candidates, speeches and debates, campaign trail news, candidates’ positions on major issues, an in-depth look at the key issues of 2008, historical footage from past presidential campaigns, and political analysis from the award-winning NBC News team. The easy-to-use video-on-demand user interface allows teachers to effortlessly customize their lesson plans with compelling and relevant content to bring the election process and political issues to life.


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  1. I’m worried about what No Child Left Behind is doing to students. This week I had to go over test scores for my second grade students. I had to separate them into categories – african american, latino, asian, white, English Language Learner, IEP, and students with free and reduced lunch. This is so I can concentrate on “bubble” students. The ones who are almost making Adequate Yearly Progress. This is so my school can meet it’s goal for safe harbor. By the way, the asian student in my classroom doesn’t satisfy the category of having enough students in my school to be “counted” in the numbers.

    How would a student or a parent feel about not being counted? How do students and parents feel about teachers and schools taking “extra” time to teach and reteach to only students in the middle who will make a difference in a score?

    I know how I feel. I want to get back to my real career – caring about each and every student in my classroom and teaching authentic information applicable for life rather then teaching to the test.

    Teacher Sullivan
    Las Vegas, Nevada

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