Slideshare and slidecasting

Go to Slideshare site to view this slideshowA nice little bit of Web 2.0 goodness is the ability to create slideshows that live on the web. At worst, web-based slideshows are just one more way to do a presentation (see PowerPointlessness) but hey, it’s easy and fun to do!

Slideshare is a nice site that organizes slideshows a bit like YouTube, meaning you can have a login and upload your own slideshows and it automatically creates the code to embed your slideshow in a blog. It also allows Slidecasts, where you can syncronize an MP3 file with your slideshow.

Be aware this site is not spefically for educators or k-12 schools.

Here’s a Slideshare I created, where I was experimenting with copying a style of slideshow where the graphics are predominant, and text on screen is essentially the narrative. This could be an interesting student assignment, with students asked to think about what the elements of a particular style are, and then copy that style.

Web 2.0 – Share the Adventure with Students (Meet Jane) Teaser

Here’s what I was copying: Meet Henry

It’s fun to see that this slideshare has been viewed over 1,000 times!


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