Social Networking in Education Panel at CUE

Video screenshotThis is a video uStream capture of a Social Networking in Education panel discussion held at the California Computer Using Educators (CUE) conference (3/7/08).

Link to video session

I’m on the panel along with James Klein, David Jakes, Dennis O’Connor along with our moderator Steve Hargadon. You’ll notice that the video opens before we actually start, and you get to see some quick action by Steve in setting up the technology. We were actually relocated about 10 minutes before start time from the Open Source Pavillion to the Blogger’s Cafe (otherwise known as the wide spot in the hall.)

It was actually a good thing, because we collected a number of folks as we went along, as people stopped and joined the crowd.

picture-35.pngWe had a wide ranging discussion touching on social networking benefits and issues, both for classroom use and use for professional development. And guess what, no slides and no pre-planned presentations. I think the informal setting also encouraged a great discussion that included everyone within earshot and a few ustream chat participants as well.

I had a number of people tell me afterwards that it was one of the most engaged and engaging panel discussions they’d ever seen!


2 thoughts on “Social Networking in Education Panel at CUE”

  1. Sylvia,
    I agree, this was a great session! I was able to join you from Illinois on uStream. What a great way to grow professionally while still in my slippers at home! The panel was lively an fun. The “hall” made the sound a little difficult, but I could still follow the discussion.
    Thanks for including those of us that were not there in person at CUE!

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