Invent To Learn

Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom (Second Edition) is now available. This is an all new and expanded edition, with updated and expanded resources, new tools and technology, and updates on how the maker movement is taking classrooms all over the world by storm.

In writing this book, my co-author Gary Stager and I try not only to capture the excitement, cool tools, and ethos of the Maker Movement, but also the opportunities to reinvent education. By combining the noble history and origins of making in the classroom, with the sharing, remix, and invention culture of today, I hope to inspire educators about possibilities that exist in every classroom, every grade, and every subject area.

Cathy Hunt created this artwork during an Invent To Learn workshop.

The positive response to the book so far has been humbling and heartwarming. It’s a reminder that we can change education for the better. We have been invited around the world to share this message of positive change for classrooms that honors learning, invention, and design.

Gary and I also created a publishing imprint, Constructing Modern Knowledge Press. We have published ten books (with more to to come) that will help people learn, teach, and grow the capacity for modern knowledge worldwide.

Our shared website for all of these activities is CMK Futures. Take a look!