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sylvia 21st century learningSylvia Martinez is available for keynotes and speaking engagements, professional development, workshops, and consulting with schools, education and community organizations, or companies. Contact her at sylvia [at] inventtolearn [dot] com with your ideas!

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“Our rousing — and inspiring — closing keynote came from Sylvia Libow Martinez, co-author of Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering and Engineering in the Classroom.” – Maker Ed: Making Possibilities for Educators (Steve Davee)

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Selected 2020 Events

  • FETC 2020 featured speaker
  • SITE 2020 – New Orleans keynote
  • 3DPac 2020
  • ISTE 2020

Selected 2019 Events

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Selected 2016 Events

Selected 2015 Events

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.23.59 AMAdditional upcoming events and professional development (links to Invent To Learn site – events are in reverse chronological order)

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Short Bio

Sylvia Martinez is the co-author of Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering the Classroom, known around the world as the “bible of the classroom maker movement.” She advocates for student-centered hands-on, minds-on learning with an emphasis on STEAM for all. She is president of CMK Futures, creating books and professional development to help educators invent the future of learning.

Sylvia is also principal advisor to the Stanford University FabLearn Fellows, a research group of global educators sharing hands-on, minds-on projects and curriculum. She also led educational non-profits and headed product development for consumer software, video games, and educational games at several software publishing companies.

Martinez started her career as an electrical engineer designing high frequency receiver systems and software for the GPS navigational satellite system. She holds a masters in educational technology and a bachelors in electrical engineering.

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Email me: sylvia [at] inventtolearn [dot] com

Tweet me: smartinez

Link me: View Sylvia Martinez's profile<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> on LinkedIn

Selected Past Presentations


  • Surrey School District Learning Summit Keynote and professional development
  • NCCE Maker Summit Leader – Pre-conference workshop
  • California CUE – Pre-conference workshop and session
  • Leadership 3.0 Closing Keynote The Maker Movement: What School Leaders Need to Know
  • Learning and the Brain – Invited Speaker. Learning to Learn Through Invention, Tinkering, and Making 
  • NSBA Pre-conference workshop
  • Making Possibilities Day (Intel sponsored MakerEd Foundation event) – closing keynote Top Ten Things Maker Educators Know
  • EngagED NWI – Keynote
  • ISTE 2014 Spotlight Session – Top Classroom Tools of the Maker Movement
  • Christa McAuliffe 2014 Conference Keynote
  • VSTE Conference 2014 Keynote

2013 and older

  • Keynote: Expanding Learning Horizons, Australia Hard Fun and Problem Solving – Where Computing Meets Tinkering and Design August 2013
  • Spotlight Speaker: ISTE 2013
  • Keynote: TIE Collaborative, Massachusetts January 2013
  • Keynote: ACE 2012 Australia August 2012
  • Tinkering: How Might ‘Making Stuff’ Influence Girls’ Interest in STEM Invited speaker: National Council of Women in Technology Summit, May 2011
  • Keynote: Learning @ School Conference New Zealand. Feb. 2011
  • Keynote: Central NY Regional Information Center annual conference, Mar 2011
  • Co-host: TEDxNYED March 2011
  • Keynote: The 92% Solution – Australian Computers in Education National Conference (ACEC) Melbourne, Australia. April 2010
  • Successful, Sustainable Strategies for Technology Integration in a Tough Economy – National School Board Association
  • Games in Education & Student Voice in the Digital Age – e ICT Conference: Exploring ICT in Education Doha, Qatar

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