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New Zealand Principals Conference 2018

INTED 2018 – (30 minute keynote) A Global Revolution Goes to School: The Maker Movement. 

TECH 2017 – UNESCO Changemaker Conference keynote – Design and Innovation in Schools. This is a 15 minute opening keynote as part of a “provocation” panel on the topic of design and school innovation. The video of the entire session is here.

Sylvia Martinez keynote Design-Innovation TECH2017 from Sylvia Martinez on Vimeo.

ISTE 2014 Session: Top Tools of the Maker Movement for Classrooms (a 9 minute excerpt about 3D printing)

Keynote – Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference (CMTC) – A Global Revolution Goes the School: The Maker Movement

ELH Keynote (video) – Hard Fun and Problem Solving – Where Computing Meets Tinkering and Design

New York Maker Faire Spotlight (video) – Making the Case for Making in the Classroom (with Gary Stager)

Closing Keynote – Maker Possibilities Day (Maker Faire event sponsored by MakerEd Foundation and Intel) – The Top Ten Things Maker Educators Know (video coming soon). Text here.

sylvia keynote maker possibilities


Keynote for online Global Education Conference 2017

Top Ten Tools of Maker Classroom.015


Top Ten Classroom Tools of the Maker Movement



Webinar screenshot


What Can Educators Learn from the Maker Movement (Sneak Peek for ISTE 2014)


K12Online Building Learning Keynote: Making the Case for Making in the Classroom (with Gary Stager)





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