The flipped classroom – join us for a free webinar

Scott McLeod of CASTLE is hosting a free webinar on the ‘flipped classroom.’

Despite its now-famous Dan-Pink-sponsored affiliation with our esteemed colleague, Karl Fisch, is the ‘flipped classroom’ a true innovation or just a new label on the old stale wine of lectures? Is it something we should be encouraging or discouraging? If it has benefits, are they worth the accompanying drawbacks? Please join us for a lively, 1-hour online discussion about the ‘flipped classroom.’

WHEN: June 15, 2:00pm to 3:00pm Central Standard Time (Chicago).

WHERE: [enter as a guest]

WHO: An all-star lineup of educators who have been writing and thinking about this topic lately!

What do I think about the “flipped” classroom? I wrote a bit about it in my series on Khan Academy.

Hope to see you there!