How I ended up in the New York Times

OK, right. (My kids always seem to start their crazy stories this way.)

The other day I was working and glanced at Twitter. I swear, just a little. I saw a tweet that said something like, “Do you play games on your iphone”. I answered the tweet and pretty soon an email showed up saying I had a message on Facebook. It’s from a New York Times reporter asking if would I mind answering a few questions about playing games on my iphone.

Seriously, the New York Times wants to talk to me.

The reporter calls me the next day and we talk for 20 minutes about games and if I was a gamer (no) and why I play games on the iphone now. Then she asks if would be OK if she sent a photographer over to take some photos of me playing games. I’m thinking, how crazy is this? (and what should I wear!) But sure, why not.

The next morning a freelance photographer calls. She’s in Pasadena, a good hour drive from where I am. But she shows up and spends another hour taking photos of me playing games. She especially likes one game, Jelly Car, because it’s simple and has large graphics that show up well on camera. I play a beginner level for 10 minutes, starting over and over again while holding it in different ways.

And yes, it comes out. And I’m quoted for one line, and of course she managed to work in my age. Was that necessary? But best of all, I don’t hate the photo!


Here’s the link to the article, Yet Another Vogue for iPhones (you’ll need to register (free) for the New York Times.) It’s about how casual game players are a new market for games. No, it’s not about ME, but hey, I got the big photo.

That’s what you get for answering a tweet in the middle of the day!