Holiday technology coming to your house? Parents and teens need these!

From A Platform for Good (PfG)-

For parents, we’ve created “holiday wrappers.”   These are small, personalized online safety cards for parents to include with their kid’s technology gift. We have five different items (smartphone, tablet, game system, cell phone, computer) for parents to choose from, print out and write in their own guidelines to fit their child’s age and house rules.  To emphasize a key PfG concept –that safety requires a partnership and conversation with your kids — the cards don’t just set rules for the kids to follow. They also provide a set of promises parents have to abide by (e.g., not overreacting, being willing to learn new things)!  Get your holiday wrappers here!

For teens, we’ve created printable (or downloadable) coupons that teenagers can give to their parents. The coupons entitle parents to 2 hours of tech training (such as how to use social media, how to set up the features on a cell phone, even 2 hours of tech-free time). Get your holiday coupons here!

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