How are schools doing with technology? It depends who you ask

How well are schools doing in leveraging new technologies to enhance learning? The survey asked that simple question to the various stakeholder groups (students, parents and educators). And the results are pretty telling:

74% of high school teachers, 72% of high school principals, and 62% of parents of high school age children said yes, they thought their school was doing a good job using technology to enhance learning and/or student achievement.

Only 47% of high school students agreed.

From the Read Write Web summary of Speak Up 2010 survey – more results soon.


3 Replies to “How are schools doing with technology? It depends who you ask”

  1. I’m surprise that 47% of high school students agreed. That seems very high to me.

    Teachers generally think they are doing better than they are. Principals, the same.

    Parents want desperately to believe that although there are problems in schools, the one where their child attends isn’t one of them.

    As long as we are thinking that Khan videos are an enhancement to learning, we have yet to realize what the question is even asking.

  2. You should see those same stats when it comes to math 😉

    But hey, *passionate* learners can just go over to and make flashcards and optimize their learning.

    The subtext that “if you don’t learn from this, you just aren’t passionate enough” bothers me…

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