Inauguration – January 20, 2009

swearing-in2Last week I got a chance to be in Washington DC for the Inauguration of Barrack Obama as President of the United States.

It was a day of ups and downs, but the primary feeling was one of incredible hope and anticipation for good things ahead. We did get caught in one of the crowd scenes and nearly missed getting in place for the actual event, but it all worked out. It was amazing how the mood of the crowd was so bright and optimistic, with people helping each other, making sure kids weren’t squished, and passing along what little information was available.

paradeWe were very fortunate to have an indoor place to watch the Inauguration and parade, so the few hours we spent getting there was well worth it. We could also go up on the roof deck and see even more, with a view that went from Capitol Hill to much of Pennsylvania avenue. There were a couple of broadcast crews stationed on the roof too, and if you study the photos, you will see Al Sharpton in one of them.

I’ve uploaded a set of photos from the day, which ended up at the Bytes and Books Inaugural Ball. No, I didn’t dance with Barrack, but it was still a day I’ll never forget.


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