Infographic: Why Students Choose STEM


From – Why Students Choose STEM

Note that games, toys, books, and clubs are a huge reason student pick STEM majors and ultimately careers.

Could this be because typical US STEM curriculum doesn’t do a good job at inspiring excitement and passion about science, technology, engineering and math? That student interest and aptitude is there, but we just have to stop boring them to death with vocabulary lists and memorizing equations? Hmm… I wonder…


PS – Stretching the graphic like this makes some of the areas overlap, but at least it’s somewhat readable. But be sure to take a look at the original and the PDF report for lots more information.

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  1. I’m really excited about our daughter’s 3rd grade teacher this year, but I noticed that the imbalance between the time allotted in favor of ELA and against Math & Science (and social studies).

    I hope to see more of a presence of reading and writing throughout STEM experiences given the intent of the common core standards. What I’m hearing is that the intent is to allow more PBL and “deeper” experiences. I’m extremely skeptical though. Might we all see more vocabulary lists and memorizing of equations in response to the pressures of the common core?

  2. Do you think the #1 reason (good salary) is a result of the down economy? I’ld love to compare these results to past results (if any) to find out if student’s reason’s have changed.

    From a personal standpoint, I received my BS in Aerospace Engineering in 2003. My reason for getting it: #4 passion.

    Thanks for sharing.

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