Math 2.0 interview with Sylvia Martinez

On Wednesday, Oct. 27 2010 I’ll be talking with Ihor Charischak of the weekly Math 2.0 online chat about Engineering, Game Development, and Math Education.

A couple of careers ago I was an electrical engineer and programmer in aerospace, then did game development for consoles and PCs. Some the games were “educational” and some weren’t, but the process of building a game was certainly educational for me! The connections between these subjects might not be obvious, but I think the connective thread is that “real world” math is disconnected from “school” math in many ways. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to talk about all that and some solutions during our hour together.

Ihor and I are old friends, so this gives an opportunity to make some of our private conversations over the years more public.

When: Wed October 27, 2010, 18:30-19:30, US/Pacific (GMT-08:00)*Find your local time zone here.
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  1. Thanks for doing this Math2.0 session, Sylvia (I was the one who had to go early).

    I was particularly interested to hear what you had to say about, since the description of you and the quality of that site did not match up! Knowing the history helps to understand somewhat better.

    Totally agree with your suggestion (on this blog) to get students involved in teaching the teachers. At least that way, we’ll hear less of “this is what they like” (from teachers, who don’t really know) and might move towards more meaningful use of ICT in schools.

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