Off to Oz

Well, it’s been an incredibly busy few weeks, and my blogging has definitely suffered. I keynoted a conference in El Paso, Texas. I visited OLPC headquarters and talking to people from US and abroad about their plans for the XO. I spent another couple of days at an industry conference, EdNET, talking to people about the educational technology industry. So much to talk about!

I was supposed to make a teaser for my K12online Conference presentation, but I missed that deadline. I’m consoling myself that the topic is of fairly general interest, games in education, so I think people will take a peek at what I’m putting together without a teaser! Rationalization is a wonderful thing.

Now I’m heading off to Australia in just a few hours. Yikes! I’m going to be in Canberra for the national educational technology conference, ACEC for a few days, Sydney for a weekend, and then Melbourne for the rest of the time. I’ve already connected with old friends and a few new ones from NECC, and planning some meet-ups. A very efficient Melbourne contingent has already started a wiki to plan a “blogger’s feast”. Sounds yummy!

I feel like a kid going off to camp – I’ll write, I promise!


P.S. There is some big news coming about the next chance for Americans to get an XO laptop – another G1G1 program! (see my blog on last year’s program – Give One, Get One, Change the World.) This November, Amazon will be running the ordering and distribution, so hopefully some of last year’s shipping issues will be solved. Other announcements coming soon!

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