Research to action: 5 must read bullying research briefs

A recent post by danah boyd, social media researcher announced some new resources in the effort to combat bullying, created for the new Born This Way Foundation, created by Lady Gaga and her mother.

“The Foundation wants to create a kinder, braver world so that youth can be the change-agents that we all need them to be. For youth to be empowered, the Foundation recognizes that 1) youth need to be safe; 2) youth need to have skills; and 3) youth need to have opportunities.”

danah, along with many other notable folks, are working with the new foundation. In her post, she announced a working paper series, starting with five new resources that synthesize research for the Foundation – and help schools and communities easily get the best, accessible advice to inform their local efforts. Best of all, the foundation and these working papers emphasize that youth empowerment needs to be a main focus for these efforts. This kind of insight and commitment is admirable – this is NOT a feel-good celebrity cause for the cameras.

This working paper series offer practical, ground-level resources based on the best available research. The first five documents are:

They are looking for comments and feedback on these documents –  send them to


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  1. Thank you for posting this! Bullying is a major issue in today’s school that seems to continue to increase with everyday. It seems like every time I turn on the TV or read the paper there is a story about another child affected by bullying who took his/her own life. This is heartbreaking. We need to take a stand and put an end to this horrible trend. Bullying hurts people emotionally, mentally, and physically. Schools are supposed to be a safe zone for students, not a place where they fear for their lives. Bullying needs to stop and we need to be a part in doing that.

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