Student Contest – Open Source Software Development

The Google Highly Open Participation Contest

Google has announced a new effort to get young people involved in open source development. Student contestants will have the opportunity to learn more about and contribute to all aspects of open source software development, from writing code and documentation to preparing training materials and conducting user experience research.

The contest is open to students age 13 or older who have not yet begun university studies. Students will learn about all aspects of developing software – not just programming – and be eligible to win cash prizes and the all important t-shirt!

Get started here, or read the Official Contest Rules and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Get ready to have some fun!

2 Replies to “Student Contest – Open Source Software Development”

  1. I have a student that might be interested in communicating/collaborating online with some teacher’s students on this. Their students could involve my student with what they are doing. If anyone finds some teacher doing this Google thing, I would be interested in getting this information.

  2. Hi Jim,
    You might find that there is quite a bit of support in the community once you sign up. Just a hunch, but you might encourage your student to go ahead and sign up and they will have access to plenty of help and expertise.

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