Accept the Challenge to Learn and Serve

The National Service-Learning Partnership has announced a challenge to those interested in service learning. October 5-11, 2009 will be a week of special events and community outreach that will raise awareness and build support for service-learning across the United States.

Students involved in GenYES and TechYES programs across the country and around the world are providing service to their schools and communities, and this is a great way to show students that they are part of a growing movement of citizens stepping up and working for change.

Accept the 2009 Challenge here!

See what others did during the 2008 Challenge

Through the Challenge, you can:

  • Spotlight the value of service-learning to young people, schools, and communities.
  • Encourage others to launch service-learning activities
  • Build support for service-learning among decision-makers
  • Increase recognition of Learn and Serve America, the only federal program dedicated to service-learning

Happy challenging!


ASCD does it again! Free e-book: Challenging the Whole Child E-Book (Limited Time)

ASCD has done it again!

A few months ago they published the first of a series of e-books on the “Whole Child”. I was honored that my article (Working with Tech-Savvy Kids) was selected to be in that issue. My post about that is here, but now you have to pay for that first issue.

Now the second of the series is out, and ASCD is offering it for free for a limited time.

Challenging the Whole Child E-Book Free for Limited Time – ASCD blog post explaining offer (August 3-16, 2009)

Sample chapters (PDF)

I’m not in this one, and not as familiar with the authors, but I trust ASCD and the editorial staff of Educational Leadership. The selections look timely and useful, and you can’t beat the price.

And don’t miss the companion study guide and the always free, always updated Whole Child Blog.