Accept the Challenge to Learn and Serve

The National Service-Learning Partnership has announced a challenge to those interested in service learning. October 5-11, 2009 will be a week of special events and community outreach that will raise awareness and build support for service-learning across the United States.

Students involved in GenYES and TechYES programs across the country and around the world are providing service to their schools and communities, and this is a great way to show students that they are part of a growing movement of citizens stepping up and working for change.

Accept the 2009 Challenge here!

See what others did during the 2008 Challenge

Through the Challenge, you can:

  • Spotlight the value of service-learning to young people, schools, and communities.
  • Encourage others to launch service-learning activities
  • Build support for service-learning among decision-makers
  • Increase recognition of Learn and Serve America, the only federal program dedicated to service-learning

Happy challenging!


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