The Third Teacher

Here’s an interesting new book called The Third Teacher. The book  is an exploration of how design can transform teaching and learning, becoming “the third teacher” in the classroom, after adults (parents and teachers) and children (peers and self).

The 79 ideas come from an ongoing collaboration between educators, youth, and designers.


No argument here!

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  1. Sylvia:
    I love doing this, and I try to foster it as often as I can. However, I get stuck when the student don’t know enough interesting information to get excited or interested. Relevance can be challenging to find authentically. These are times when I eventually take the wheel and lead – but it’s a big step down in interest when I can’t find a hook.

    What are some questioning/soliciting strategies you use when running into the relevancy issue?

  2. I think this should be established in the classroom very early in the school year. The students need enough time to come up with what they want to study, because a lot of them are not ready on the spot. A “parking lot” for questions or topics would be great to provide so that if a student come up with an idea, he or she can just write it on a sticky note and you can either answer through a quick internet search or address as a class.

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