Webcast Academy – Free lessons in a learning community

Interested in learning how to host and manage live webcasts? Join the Webcast Academy – free lessons and an active community of people interested in producing and hosting their own webcasts.

There is a new series of classes at what they call the “intern” level (free for educators) starting January 13, 2008. (More info here.) There are six weeks of online classes lead by experienced facillitators, and you get a Webcast Academy ‘Certificate of Webcasting Proficiency’ on completion. The class gives you free access to some tools, space to upload projects, and what looks like a very supportive and friendly community of like-minded learners.

Webcasts are great learning experiences for kids and teachers alike! They can connect parents, experts and students together for a vibrant experience that breaks down the walls of the classroom. Learning the tips and tricks from a community might be just the ticket to get you up and running, and past the early hurdles that come up with any new technology.

Note that I have not personally spent enough time in the community to really get a feel if this is 100% appropriate for students, but there seem to be many teachers involved, so that’s always a good sign.

Check it out!


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  1. Thanks for writing about this Sylvia. I am very excited to be a part of this webcast academy. It’s totally a new learning experience for me, and it is good for teachers to be in a position where they really don’t know how to do something and then just keep trying different things till it works. btw I also was really blown away by your K12 Online 2007 presentation. Truly one of the best I’d heard.

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