A trip to Open Space!

Well, it seems like I just got back from T+L in Seattle and I’m off again.

First to Chester County in Pennsylvania where I’ll be meeting with several schools about our student technology programs. One of their districts, Coatesville, will be using TechYES Science for student tech literacy certification using science projects. I’m looking forward to meeting up with some PA friends as well.

Then a couple of stops in New Jersey and on to New York. I’m honored to be a featured speaker at the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) Educational Information Technology Conference, NEIT 2008.

“NEIT 2008 is an unconference planned for technologists and librarians. Our unconference relies on the open space technology for creating workshops, discussions, breakout groups, etc.”

This is the first time I’ve heard of open space technology. Wikipedia describes it as a method of self-organizing that can be applied to gatherings of any size to quickly tackle complex issues. It sounds a bit like FutureSearch, which I’m more familiar with, but definitely something worth knowing about!

The EdTechTalk podcast this week featured a conversation about the plans and goals for the NYSAIS event.

Plus, this conference is at the beautiful Mohonk Mountain House and you can’t beat that for open space!


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  1. Sylvia, we always talked about the hallways between meeting rooms as the most incredible learning areas of the conference. So, we made the entire conference a hallway! Well, that’s the simple explanation, but you’ll see how people get to make all the workshops on the fly, as we go. It’s quite thrilling, and empowering. We’re so glad you’re joining us. See you on Wednesday!

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