ACEC 2010 Keynote – The 92% Solution

I’m on my way to Australia to keynote the national educational technology conference ACEC 2010. The presentation is called “The 92% Solution” – meaning students who make up 92% of the population at most schools.

The 92% Solution – Sylvia Martinez explores the timeless question of why teachers don’t use technology in the classroom from a new perspective.

Since the introduction of computers into schools, teacher professional development has been designed to teach teachers how to use technology in the classroom. Unfortunately, after 30 years there is little evidence that this effort has been successful. Conventional wisdom suggests that the problem is a lack of professional development. This is an assumption that should be challenged.

The days of “sit and get” technology professional development are over. Learn about what’s next – the 92% solution, a strategy that empowers students, improves teaching, and enriches the learning community.

I’m honored and excited to be taking part in this conference – it seems that there is an international recognition that we cannot advance into the future of education without taking the largest stakeholder group into account. Luckily, communication and collaboration technology is facillitating this — a perfect storm at this perfect moment in time.

See you there – Thursday, 8 April 2010 09:00 – 10:00 in Plenary Hall

I’ll also be doing a session – If Games are the Answer, What’s the Question?


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  1. Sometimes I wonder if this is a result of teachers feeling intimidated by newer technology. Technology is evolving so fast that it can be harder for people in their 30s to keep up! If we can devise a way for this crowd to stay up to date and informed (without spending $$ on expensive college courses), as well as provide (FREE) training for teachers on how to integrate technology into the classroom, it may help.

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