Back to School 2012 – Start your “year of empowerment” now!

Start the year off with hands on
Think you need to wait for kids to settle down and learn the basics before you let them do projects and hands-on work? Not according to this expert teacher.

What tech vision will you share?
What message does your Acceptable Use Policy send when it goes home with students for them and their parents to sign? This year, change overly complex, negative language to language that celebrates the potential of technology – and students.

Games for collaboration and teamwork
Want to create a more collaborative, constructivist classroom? Instead of traditional icebreakers, try these games that encourage collaboration and teamwork.

What do students want from teachers?
Listen to what students say they really want from teachers. And no, it’s not “more recess.”

Ten commandments of tech support
Ten ideas for making technology support more learner-centered and less network-centered.

8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab
Last but by far not least, if you are looking for some inspiration to post on your wall, here are 8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab. These eight ideas give actionable advice to create opportunities for deep learning for all.

Happy back to school!


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  1. Wow – thanks for the great blog and very insightful indeed. Found this blog from last week which very clearly also points out the need for change in the engagement of students in classrooms: Students teach each other and it is a brilliant way to learn as well. Explaining concepts to others does help in better understanding and retention of the concepts. Lots of different things can be done in classrooms. For instance, moving the students around, using interactive content, learning with games, etc. In short, it is more than using a PPT. Presentations make you sleep and maybe that’s the reason most of us should realize ‘learning is more than just listening’.

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