Educomm – Including Students in Web 2.0

A big GenYES Blog welcome to everyone who attended my Educomm session this morning in Anaheim, Including Students in the Web 2.0 Adventure!

I’ve posted the PDF of the presentation here — all the links are active so just click and explore. Also, you might be interested in a couple of older posts in this blog, they touch on similar themes to our session this morning.

Also, the whitepaper about student leadership in your technology plan can be found on our main website, along with descriptions and research about all our programs for student involvement in technology integration activities.

Finally, it was absolutely fantastic to hear so many of the Educomm speakers talking about GenYES students in their own schools, leading the technology revolution! Scott Perloff, of the Milken Community High School in Los Angeles has been running a GenYES program so long we don’t even have records that far back! (Notes from his session) At the other end of the world, Martin Levins of The Armidale School (laptops grade 3-12) in Australia just started TechYES this year (Notes from his session). And Bruce Dixon of the Anytime, Anywhere Learning Foundation made the point that the GenYES model fits perfectly with laptops. Laptop schools empower students by literally putting computers in their hands. What better way to “walk that talk” than by having students also responsible for teaching teachers technology and tech support. (Notes from his session)

Note about the session notes: Wes Fryer takes notes like a madman! It finally dawned on me what the title of his blog means, “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” – duh. Wes had to leave early, so he missed my session, darn. I wanted to be immortalized right next to all these other amazing speakers.

It was great chatting with all the terrific educators there, the stories of what you do each and every day to create amazing educational environments for students are wonderful and inspiring.

On to NECC!


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