Student Support of Laptop Programs


I’m happy to announce a new resource for laptop schools – or schools planning a laptop implementation. Student Support of Laptop Programs (PDF) covers all aspects of creating a highly effective student support team for your laptop program. Research, planning tips, case studies, and practical suggestions are packed into 16 pages.

  • Student tech support teams in a laptop school
  • Student support for teachers and students using laptops in classrooms
  • How (and why) to include students on planning committees
  • Students as trainers and mentors for new users
  • How students can make a laptop rollout go smoother
  • How to train and sustain a student technology team in support of laptops

This is a great resource to share with your laptop implementation team. I hope you enjoy it and share it widely!

A special thank you to the fabulous teachers who shared stories about their wonderful students:

  • Ann Powers at Tongue River Middle School – Ranchester, WY
  • Debbie Kosvedy at Shadow Mountain HS – Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Steve Spaeth at Mt. Ararat Middle School – Topsham, ME
  • Don Kinslow at Parkview Elementary – Chico, CA
  • Cherilyn Ziemer at Northland Christian School – Houston, TX


5 Replies to “Student Support of Laptop Programs”

  1. Your article shows us how far we have come in just a few months. Through word-of-mouth and referrals, students have already taken on and in a couple of cases completed exciting service projects.

    Despite the challenges of the economy, our district will probably ante up our share for the extension of the MLTI program to 9-12. The Assistant Superintendent and District Technology Coordinator used references to our work extensively in their efforts to make the case to the Board Finance Committee. They see us making important contributions to success of the program at the high school.

    Thanks for your support.

  2. Steve – thanks again for your contribution to this article and your work with your student tech team.

    You point out a terrific benefit to having students involved in any major technology effort. People need to see that these new ideas aren’t just expensive whims of people in love with the latest gadget, or worse, pandering to kids to just make school more “fun”. You are showcasing serious young adults who are passionate about their ability to make school a better place, and by extension, make the world a better place. Most people don’t get to see students in this light often enough.

  3. hi sylvia,

    Thanks for the pdf. There is a big trial of 1:1 netbooks underway in Victoria, Australia. I am reading my way through the documents on their wiki . There is a company called Anytime Anywhere Learning which has packaged plans to promote this sort of thing. (Gary would remember Bruce Dixon from the Computelec days at MLC)

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