Constructionism 2010

I’ll be in Paris, France for the next week to attend Constructionism 2010 at the University of Paris. Constructionism 2010 is a reincarnation of Eurologo, and the name change refelects the myriad of opportunities that exist today for using technology to express the educational philosophy of constructionism.

I’m looking forward to linking the learning from Constructing Modern Knowledge 2010 last month to Constructionism 2010. Seminal people in constructionism will be there, including Idit Harel, Cynthia Solomon, Gary Stager, Jose Valente, and Brian Harvey. Of course, this list is completely personal (and geographically biased!). But that’s how learning happens, you connect one idea to the next, one person to the next, building and constructing knowledge as you go. I look forward to adding more people and expanding my learning and my network.

I always think I’m going to blog while I’m on the road, but it rarely happens, so no promises. But I’ll have lots to share when I return.


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  1. I hope you are enjoying the conference – I’m here too!
    I really enjoyed the morning presentations, particularly those by Richard Noss and Gary Stager

  2. If you go to any presentations that discuss constructionism for language learning, please post a summary. I have just started my basic Mandarin lessons and plan to attend classes every Saturday in the fall 2010. I hope you are having a wonderful time. I wish I were there!

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