Edutopia Offers Free Video Content on iTunes U

Edutopia has announced the availability of many of its videos through the iTunes U Beyond Campus portal. Edutopia videos are excellent, and focus on how to create student-centered schools and authentic learning experiences.

They are organized into six “Core Concept” Albums:

  • Integrated Studies
  • Technology Integration
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Project learning
  • Teacher development
  • Assessment

We are happy to say that our own video, made several years ago at Washington Middle School in Olympia, Washington, was chosen to be among the first to make it into the new iTunesU!

Although the name has changed over the years from Generation www.Y to GenYES, much is the same. GenYES students are still helping teachers with technology integration, and teachers still need the help!

Edutopia’s iTunes U content can be accessed directly here. You can find our video in the Teacher Development album, or it’s online here with the accompanying article.


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