Youth Voice Toolkit – New Free Resource

The FreeChild Project, run by our good friend Adam Fletcher, has been at the forefront of the Youth Voice movement for a long time. Today, they released a new free toolkit for Youth Voice resources.

As readers of this blog know, I often talk about how the term “youth voice” can be misunderstood as simply listening to youth as they say anything. But in reality, youth voice is about youth and adults working together to DO something, as Adam says, “Only through action do words take power.”

The Youth Voice Toolkit contains resources of interest to everyone working with youth. This isn’t just about political action. For example, our GenYES and TechYES programs use the principles of youth voice to help students take charge of their own learning, collaborate with adults and peers, and learn how they can help their own schools use technology effectively. We believe that with guidance from interested, caring adults, youth CAN change the world — and a great place to start is school.

Included in the kit are:

  • Definitions
  • Measures & assessment
  • Overcoming myths & obstacles
  • Guidelines and working resources
  • Links for further study: research, organizations, and books

Hope you take a look, there is something in this FREE Toolkit for anyone who works with youth and wants to learn more about encouraging authentic youth voice.


PS Did I mention, it’s FREE!!

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