See ya in a bit!

I’m heading off tomorrow for Eastern Europe, a vacation wrapped around a presentation at a conference on the children’s programming language Logo in Bratislava (Eurologo 2007). My paper, Student-centered Support Systems to Sustain Logo-like Learning, was also selected to be included in Informatics in Education, an international journal published by Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. Very cool!

When I got my masters in educational technology ten years ago, I promised myself that I would continue to write and challenge myself academically. It’s been interesting to me that while writing this type of paper is one type of mental exercise, blogging is another that can be similarly powerful. Blogging is like doing wind sprints, while academic articles require pacing and endurance. They support each other nicely.


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  1. Syliva
    That sounds interesting. Never heard of that programming environment before. If it wasn’t for start up at work next week I should have gone to listen to your presentation, just out of curiosity. After all, the aiprlane price ticket from my home town of Stavanger, Norway is a month’s use of milk…

    I like your comparison between blogging and academic wrirint. To me that’s a relief, as there’s no time for academic vendoring.

  2. Hi from Brussels!

    I’ll definately post the paper somewhere. I wasn’t sure about the protocal since the proceedings haven’t been published yet. I was planning to ask once I get there.

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