Student perspective – all you have to do is ask

Ryan Bretag:

The last two weeks, I had the opportunity to begin involving students in these discussions: How do they feel about the infusion of technology into the classroom? What do they know about all of these “emerging technologies”? What should the learning environment look like in the future? Why do they feel, if at all, technology is of value to their own learning? What is the connection between their current use of technology and the technology educational technologist long to see used in the classroom?

Their thoughts, ideas, and insights offer much to the discussions occurring about educational technology. Will we listen? Will we begin having these discussions in our own school? Are we willing to challenge our own beliefs about technology based upon their beliefs?

Find out what these students said at Ryan’s blog

Congratulations to Ryan for walking the talk about student voice!

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  1. Thanks Sylvia! It means a lot coming from you.

    As you’ve said for so long, students voices are critical to education and we must engage those voices!

    Thanks for all your motivation and wonderful ideas!

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