Why math education is like the Titanic

Math education is failing too many students.

We are owners and participants in an entrenched school system that is tough to change, and we could all list the thousands of reasons why. Big systems have a lot of inertia, like the Titanic heading towards its icy fate.

But proving that the system is working by showcasing the few students who make it through is like saying that the Titanic was a success because some of the passengers made it to New York.


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  1. I agree that the ills of math education need to be addressed. My concern, however, is that the wishes of some vocal (and misguided) individuals may makes things far worse. These wishes include the belief that the “solution” is to lower the standards that presently exist so that fewer students “fail” to meet the standards put forth. Lowering standards is not a solution in any way; success in Math requires abstract thinking. Care needs to be taken so that students can make connections between the concrete and the abstract; this will go a long way in empowering students to enjoy math as opposed to developing a phobia toward the discipline.

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